Have I mentioned how much I dislike IDEs that try to write my code for me?

Because I really, really don’t like them. And they’re supposed to be “intuitive” enough to work with that my textbook isn’t covering what I need it to cover: namely, the structure of C# programs when you’ve got all these generated event-listener methods… I need to know how to work with them and I can’t find what I need. Getting the event-listener methods generated by the program to share information with each other is like herding cats. I think the textbook is actually prompting me to use a global array, which is terrible programming, and I can’t even really figure out how to do that.

I’m going to have to skip this assignment and come back to the issue later. There’s no way I won’t have to deal with this problem at some point, but I’m behind on schoolwork b/c of Life Reasons, and this particular headache is getting a priority downgrade, stat.

Unless… hm. Unless I get around the problem completely by consolidating the methods? Maybe I only need one button. That’s going to make an inelegant-looking if-statement mess, but it might work.

–>runs off to attempt kluge

edit: forget about it. that’s not the only problem I’m going to have with this program, and Visual Studio just froze when I tried to open it up again. frigging Microsoft products.


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