I’m in love

Everything is shiny right now and I’m really really happy I have Spring Break coming up soon because I really want to tinker with things and I don’t want classes getting in my way too much. (My online class, unfortunately, doesn’t stop during Spring Break.) I recently found a C book on the Internet which is a work-in-progress by a writer I like. I know it’s not gonna be perfect, but I’d like to think I’m intelligent enough to fill in the blanks with Internet searches and man pages, even with a language so notoriously finicky as C.

A few hours ago, I left my last 4.5-hour-long C# class. I’m so glad it’s done, although I still have some work to do for that class that needs to be turned in by Sunday, and it’s really frustrating work (naturally). I’ve already briefly ranted about why I don’t like IDEs. It’s like being forced to collaborate with the hive-mind of the Microsoft Overlords, except they won’t tell you what they’re doing, just what they say you should do, and the IDE tries to write code for you and fails epically and it’s just overall terrible. AURRREGHHHHHKKK.

Debian remains shiny and fun. I like the way it handles different windows; it’s even more flexible than OS X in its workspace design.

Also I’m wired up on caffeine so everything seems even better than it normally would. It’s a good thing I’m in a good mood because I offered to try fixing someone’s computer and she should be showing up soon. She’s got some sort of virus that’s affecting the keyboard, and she thought that a) it was a hardware issue and b) the keyboard on a laptop couldn’t be replaced, so c) she had to get a new one. I told her this wasn’t true and that if she brought it to the student lounge at 1:00-ish on Wednesday, I’d take a crack at fixing it, for free. So I have my live Lubuntu USB on a string around my neck, I have a Windows rescue DVD and Avast! and Malwarebytes on another DVD in my Bag of Holding, and a USB mouse just in case the mouse is also infected and I can get around it by introducing new hardware. If the USB mouse doesn’t work either, I’ll try using my drawing tablet as an impromptu mouse. If all else fails, I may even be able to install a certain program on the machine and SSH in? I’m not sure how that works, though, so it’s a last resort. I may have to reinstall her keyboard drivers. If it’s really bad, I can use my live Linux USB, temporarily install Dropbox, move her stuff to Dropbox, and tell her to go home and wipe the drive and reinstall Windows.

If it actually is a hardware issue, I’m referring her to someone else. No way am I dealing with that. I have very little in the way of hardware skills. I might be able to manage taking apart my cleanly-designed Mac for dusting, and I know how to plug stuff in and get it to work (usually…), but that’s about it. But I really think this is a software issue, and that falls under my jurisdiction.

It’s 1:28 and the lady still hasn’t showed up. I don’t really mind because the student lounge is a nice, quiet place to sit and code and write blog posts, but I don’t like the idea of a computer staying broken when I could’ve fixed it, especially when it’s preventing this lady from doing classwork. It’s really nice here. There are lots of windows, so there’s fresh air and natural light, and there aren’t a lot of people around, so the only noise is the TV running really B&W comedies in the background.

I’m going to go back to trying to figure out C. And Emacs, gosh, Emacs. I’m not sure whether I like it or not yet, but it’s still leagues better than Visual Screwdio.


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