I found another useful trick in VirtualBox

You know how I love VMs because if it all goes pear-shaped, you can bomb the thing and make it over?

I found out how to make it even easier to revert changes by using snapshots. HowToGeek already covers this subject well, so I’m just going to link to them; this post is here as reference material for those of you who are following my site to learn about virtualization. As noted before, not all aspects of VMs and the software that builds them are obvious. I’m still exploring this technology, too; I’ve only been at it for a couple months maybe, so I haven’t discovered all the features yet, but I’ll update here when I find anything new.

Here’s HowToGeek’s article: http://www.howtogeek.com/150258/how-to-save-time-by-using-snapshots-in-virtualbox/


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