A Full Summer

I have identified the biggest gap in my knowledge and have been working on patching it. Took me long enough.

The major problem is that schools just don’t teach object-oriented programming. Sure, they teach languages that use it… they show you how to program dinky little projects in them, make Hangman games and so on. But they don’t teach OOP principles, and that’s a wall I’ve run into. It’s why I’ve never felt comfortable saying I have a working knowledge of a language.

So I went back to Learn Python the Hard Way. I got bored with this book earlier because I was determined not to skip stuff in case I missed something important (a good tactic dealing with textbooks that aren’t written so well, which is most textbooks), but the book was written with the idea that it’d be your first programming language, and it wasn’t mine. It’s also a little condescending, but this is probably justified considering the book’s target audience… you HAVE to talk down to people a little if they’re not sufficiently tech already.

Determined to learn OOP principles, I recently dived back into the book. I spent a while grinding through the first 20 or so exercises, skipping most of the study drills because I could answer the questions they posed without looking up the information, and making one or two snarky notes in the margins for the benefit of my younger brother who’ll be inheriting the book once I’m finished with it. I had a trip out of town with my parents recently and took the book along, reading it in the car and suchlike.

After reading ahead quite a bit, I decided not to bother with anything else until exercise 40, when the book starts in on OOP principles. Yes, that’s skipping a quarter of the book. No, it probably won’t help me learn Python’s syntax. But let’s face it, Python’s syntax is designed to be non-headachey and easy to pick up anyway, and it’s not what I came for.


Exactly a month from today is my 18th birthday. This opens up a lot to me which will keep me busy.

First, I’ll be working on getting a driver’s license. Yes, I’m in America and if I’d been more on-the-ball about things I could have gotten it before now, but I waited too long to get my learner’s permit and there are weird legal qualifications about how long you’ve had the permit before you can try for a driver’s license if you’re underage.

Second, I can apply for more jobs. It’s ridiculously difficult to get a job in my city if you’re under 18. There are only a few places that’ll even look at your application. Since I’m going to be moving out next year, and I don’t particularly want to accumulate massive amounts of debt, I need several thousand dollars in order to move into and outfit my teeny-weeny apartment (which is both cheaper and saner than living in the dorms at most colleges). This requires some planning, and, yes, a job.

I have a few places I’d really, really like to work. Particularly, I want to see if I can land a job working at this car dealership that needs techs–I haven’t seen much information on the job, but my best guess is that they need someone to service the computers embedded into their luxury cars. Maybe those computers even run Linux. That would be such a cool job–something I’d really want on my resume–and this is one job where I’d probably get to see better than minimum wage. Even if my guess about what the job does is off, finding a tech-related position would be a real boon.


Third, I’ll also be finding out what community college I’ll be attending next year. The one I’m attending now is mostly fine and I like a lot of the people there, but I have… a few HR issues with one of their most heavily employed teachers. Let’s just say that if you’re a teenage girl in a programming major, not everybody respects you; the teachers are not exempt from this effect, and not all of them are able to keep their personal resignations on this front to themselves. The way the school dealt with the issue left something to be desired. I won’t name names, or even reveal the teacher’s gender.

This is not an issue of disliking this person. This is an issue of, “this person does not respect me whatsoever and actively tries to create a toxic environment for me.” They teach many of the classes I need for the rest of my degree.

So I’ve been looking into finishing my AAS somewhere else. The idea of not paying this person’s salary is very appealing. However, if I end up taking their classes again, I’ll start recording the classes on the premise of wanting to listen to the lectures later. If said teacher intends to continue their disdainful attitude, I’ll have some more evidential weight on my side and won’t so easily be dismissed. Such a recording device would most likely prevent this behavior entirely, though; the teacher is too smart to allow me such evidence. If the teacher refuses to allow me to record his lectures, I’ll ask them to explain why, which will be a difficult question, especially since they make lots of videos and put them on the Internet.

Fortunately, it may not come up. There is another community college nearby with a very similar track to what I’ve already done; most of my courses will probably map.


Because I’ll be so busy, I’m hoping I can tackle learning OOP and get that particular project finished within the next month.

Better get on that.


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