Not dead, just tired.

The 3-day anime convention last weekend really took it out of me. It took me three days to recover. What is even up with that?! To be fair, I was dealing with some difficult people over that time, and that takes a lot of energy for me. But it was a lot of fun, even so, and my mom and younger brother had a good time too.

Anyway, I spent yesterday cleaning up my workspace a bit, and today I finished the chapter of the Kivy book I was on. I’m finding that it’s REALLY not a good idea to stop in the middle of a chapter. It’s just too disorienting. It didn’t help that I’d spent a week off programming.

Which feels really weird, by the way. I feel like “normal Rebekah” and “Rebekah in the middle of programming” are two different people sometimes, and the latter is still exhausted due to not getting out and about right now. Programming feels like a different state of mind to me. At least, when I’m working on my own projects–it doesn’t work like that if I’m doing toy problems out of textbooks. (The Kivy book is a better caliber of textbook than usual–it does work in this regard.)

Hack Mode Rebekah is just gonna have to take this can of Full Throttle and get with the program, because we’re moving on anyway. But, man, I’m exhausted.

I need a cofounder. :/ Unfortunately, the only potential cofounder available to me right now is underage… the other guy I might ask is someone I won’t see for a month or two. My few other friends are either adults with families and responsibilities of their own, or are… not people I’d ask, frankly. Or they’re my cat. He’s adorable, but he doesn’t count.


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