A programmer personality test

I thought it was a little bit interesting… but that may just because I’m tired right now.


Here’s the key that talks about the different options you could get (look after you take the test).

I’m apparently a DHSC. That is, I like to spend more time working on code than planning it; I like high-level languages better than low-level ones; I like to work on my own; and I thought the last code example with all the frippery was objectively horrible and needed to be shot.

I don’t think it’s terribly accurate, though…

Actually, I’m a fan of iterative development; low-level languages are sometimes what you need for what you’re working on; my ideal team size is two or three; and if I know someone else is going to read my code, I’m really generous with comments so that the other person or my future self can grok what the program does quickly–but it’s definitely true that I like concise programs (because they also help with readability!).

Anyway, I thought you might enjoy that.


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