“Add” There Was Much Rejoicing

Yes, that was a pun combined with a Monty Python reference. I know, I’m awful. tinypapers IS written in Python though.

I wrote the UI skeleton for tinypapers’s most basic “Add” page, and a little more back-end stuff for switching from screen to screen. It was pretty easy, actually! After that ListView nonsense, I was kind of expecting another fight with Kivy… which of course made it harder to start working on something else. I guess I wanted to savor the victory for a few hours before I broke tinypapers again! XD

Basic Add Form

Also, the Back button works now.

I guess I’m ready for the next big hurdle… which is going to be integrating the camera. Kivy is said to  handle this gracefully, but I don’t know how it’s going to work when I test it on my laptop. I have a functional webcam… I guess it’ll use that?


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