I cleaned up tinypapers, and got something else accomplished too

It’s functional again, but it’s got a bug. I’ve got a ListView that won’t update until I navigate away from the screen and then come back. I think if I put in a confirmation page or something, though, it might start working. I’m going to have to investigate things a little better.

The refactoring detour I took was worth the time, I think. I ended up not doing anything too drastic, but I got rid of some out-of-place abstraction, trimmed odd code, reorganized a little. More importantly, I understand the program a little better now.

Why do I become so productive past midnight? It’s just bizarre. I’m going to have to stop staying up this late, though, because…..

I got a job! A programming job, at that. Just a temp position for now, but the people seem friendly, the pay’s good, and I get to work on some cool machinery which no one in the building knows how to use (including, right now, me–but that will change). That’s all the detail I’m giving for now, though.

I’m still kind of holding out hope that I can get a working tinypapers prototype out within the next few weeks, though. I’d like it to get done before school starts, because I’m going to be really busy with working 30-40 hours a week and also taking a full load of classes. Mondays and Wednesdays will be especially hectic, as the classes I’m taking fill up the whole evening from three-something in the afternoon to 10:45 at night or something crazy–and if I’m at work the same amount every day, that means I’m spending the first half of my day at work and then going straight to class. It’d mean packing lunch and dinner!

I’m hoping that after the first week of work, they’ll just let me work shorter days on Monday and Wednesday (so I can stop home before class) and longer ones on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. They don’t need me in at any particular time, from what I understand–the work just needs to get done–and they advertised flexible hours in the job description. I hope they’re as good as their word; these folks seem reasonable, though.

Anyway. I am pretty darn tired after running around and doing stuff today, so… à demain, midnight readers. Or I guess just à l’heure. It is already technically tomorrow, after all. Er, sort of. 😉


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