Just a quickie update: I fixed that bug!

Yep, my ListView updates correctly now; it’s not an iteration behind any more. I don’t know if it was just that the computer maybe just needed the processing time to add the new entry to the list, but a little confirmation page with a button did the trick. (And I kind of like how it looks.)

It’s nice when things work the first time around, isn’t it?

Now to start storing data. I don’t have a server (*makes puppy dog eyes at Y Combinator*), so I think I’ll start with just JSON and move to redis when I have online space for it.

I don’t know anything about servers. I wonder if I could find a cofounder who does, or if this is going to be Yet Another Thing Rebekah’s Learning. (It probably will be either way; the question is how much it’s going to slow me down.)

But anyway, once I get the storage and the camera down, I’m going to try to launch my prototype by registering it on the Play store and putting it on my actual phone to try out!

It’s really tempting to say, “But it’ll just take a little bit longer to fill in the rest of the categories and put all the colors back, and maybe put in cropping and compression and backups and on and on…” — but the startup wisdom I read is that if an internet troll wouldn’t make fun of what you released, you released too late.

Tomorrow is my last day before I start work. I’d better make use of it.

Hey–wouldn’t it be cool if I not only made my 2-week timeline, but got this finished tomorrow (Sunday) thus getting it done in one week? That’d be so awesome. And then what if I got the other categories and the colors and the cropping and compression and backups all done before school starts? That’s two more weeks. Maybe I could even get that done in one, too.

Stretch goals! 😀


2 thoughts on “Just a quickie update: I fixed that bug!

  1. I may not be replaying to every post, but am following them… Your progress in this app is very motivating and just makes me want to get back to where I was in my Kivy app project… Soon I will 😛

    As far for storage, I want to have a server of my own as well and make it a webserver, mail server and git server. I’m thinking of http://www.digitalocean.com, but I have to make a deeper research… Once I choose one, I’ll share with you my thoughts about it. If you pick one first, share yours with us 🙂




    • Hey, just updating: I ended up signing up at Digital Ocean and I have to say, I think their service is really good. First they ask you to connect your twitter or facebook account just to certify that you are you and like one hour later you’re ready to choose the type of Droplet (how they call their VMs).

      I chose the cheapest one that has 512MB of RAM, 1 core, 20GB of SSD Disk and 1TB of transfer, but I have to say it’s really good for my current needs… I’m in Brazil and my VM is in NY (there are a few other options) and it’s not laggy when I’m SSHing.

      What I found really cool was that after choosing my Droplet, they asked me to pick a OS (I picked Debian Jessie) and after 55 seconds it was ready!

      Hope this help you!


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