Changing phase

I got up at 5:30 this morning. I’m used to going to bed about two hours before then. It’s because of work; today was a paperwork/training day and I wasn’t the only one there. There were supposed to be two others, but apparently one of them flaked out.

I was at least functional for about four hours, running on about five hours’ sleep (I tried to go to bed earlier; my internal clock wouldn’t budge). Fortunately, I don’t quite have to repeat that tomorrow. It’ll be 7:30 instead, which is a little more sane.

I warned the engineers that the early morning hours they keep (7:00 onward) were “not my most productive hours.” I didn’t tell them that my most productive hours were 9:00 (PM) to 3:30 (AM); instead I offered 9:00 (AM) to 3:30 (PM). I start off at 30 hours/week and may move up to 40.

Needless to say, I’m exhausted right now. I’m trying not to nap so I can actually sleep tonight, but I think I’m fighting a losing battle. The highest expression of intellect I’ve managed since getting home was getting to 4096 in 2048 for the first time… which is actually more of an expression of the fact that I play that game too much.

I got some not-very-visible stuff done on tinypapers yesterday, but not a ton. I decided on multidimensional arrays to store stuff; I was going to do arrays of dicts but the duplicate data involved would just be too expensive. With multidimensional arrays I have to be more careful, especially with documentation, but it should be okay. I wrote down what I was going to store in them, too.

Paul Graham emailed me back about the software licensing thing and told me to stop worrying about it, at least for now, and focus on dev. Which is a valid point.

Wherever tinypapers is in two weeks (when school starts) is what I’m going to launch. Hopefully this will give me some motivation to make it really snazzy before then so I’m not releasing something I feel is incomplete or not useful.

The alpha version won’t have ads. Beta may depending on how far it gets, but only one-line text link ads. If I end up hosting image banner ads in order to make ends meet, I’ll at least try not to take the animated ones if possible. I hate flashing image ads, and banning them will probably also get rid of most of the scammy “PHONE INFECTED?!?! DOWNLOAD THIS” ads that are so annoying. I also don’t want to do those pissy pop-up ads that show up when you move from page to page and rely on your accidentally clicking them. Super unprofessional. I’d rather *not* tick off my users, thanks.

Server space, if I can manage to find funding or profit enough to get it, will be offered as a premium service. (It’s probably not as expensive as I’m imagining. I need to do research.)

Anyway, I’ll write back later when I have something less scatterbrained to share.


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