Secret Nighttime Cake

My internal clock is so screwed up right now. Ideally, I sleep midnight to 9:00 or 10:00–I sleep a lot and that schedule is kind of my natural clock. But recently I’ve been sleeping 4:00 (AM) to 1:00 (PM), or thereabouts, and I’m not seeing enough sunlight. I have full spectrum lights in my room (LED sunlight lightbulbs), but seasonal affective disorder is still getting to me, so I really need to switch back to a more normal schedule. I’m also most productive in the afternoons and I can’t afford to be so sleepy during that time.

Changing phase the hard way is really difficult for me though. It’s not just hard on my system, it’s a difficult thing for me to accomplish. I tried, uh, yesterday night? is that the right word–but decided to catch “just one sleep cycle” and get up again, and didn’t manage it because I dreamed I’d scheduled some sort of test for the next day and had to sleep. (In other words, my brain wasn’t happy with my decision and came up with something that would stop me waking up.) So I went back to sleep and intentionally slept until 4:00 PM, so I can pull an all-nighter now and then get to sleep at a normal time tomorrow night (which is now today… uh, you know what I mean, I think).

This seems to be a solid plan so far, actually. It’s 6:30 and I’m just sleepy, not exhausted. Normally I can’t do that. I haven’t pulled an all-nighter since I got mono a few years ago (no, not the fun way, sadly), and before then it was for the first Hunger Games book (but not for the second or third, which were drastically inferior to the first, IMO).

Anyway, it’s a solid plan… except this happened.


Yeah. So.

One white cake with whipped cream frosting* later…

I’ve also trimmed and rearranged my aquarium plants, done a little freelance work, drank a bunch of Pepsi, and made that silly doodle comic. And I cleaned half the kitchen in the process of baking (contrary to programmer stereotypes, I have a hard time working in spaces that are too messy**), and on a whim I washed and sharpened all the knives (except the serrated ones, I know they can be sharpened but not how).

I woke my mom up to give her “secret nighttime cake” at 5 AM or so. She did not mind.


I was working on a Christmas present post for you guys, but I didn’t finish it before the Christmas things happened. It’ll come later.

I had the nerdiest Christmas ever, by the way. We watched Star Wars: A New Hope. We played board games. We started my first D&D campaign (I may be addicted; it was a lot of fun). My older brother gave my younger brother a tiny quadrocopter (sp?) and we had a lot of fun watching him struggle to control the thing. I read a silly fanfic recommended to me by my sister-in-law. There were spurts of PC gaming peppered in. Several cartoons were watched. And after my older brother and his wife left on Sunday, Mom and I sat down and watched a documentary about Edwardian farms for two or three hours straight.

I am not making this up… those were basically the main activities, besides the typical big tasty meal and exchange of presents.

I love my family.


*An improvised frosting recipe. I dumped some extra vanilla into the cake itself, too, just for the sake of messing with the recipe a little–I never do things exactly like the instructions.

The frosting is a full pint of heavy whipping cream, a metric butt-ton (technical term) of powdered sugar, and a tablespoon or so of vanilla extract. So, it’s basically whipped cream ingredients, but it’s frosting. I made too much for the cake with this recipe, but my mom will use the extra in her coffee anyway so it doesn’t matter.

**I know… that and my inability to pull all-nighters without massive recovery time. Bad geek! Bad!


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