Who wants stickers?!

/kinda off topic

Hey, remember when I drew those Linux penguins? Well, you can now buy them in sticker format.

I just made a redbubble account and stuck some art up on it. You can now deck your laptop out in all three penguins if you want, plus some pictures of girls cuddling cats, and a fish, and a blue design or something.


I made my account after ordering like a dozen stickers with neat art on them. Mine aren’t quite as fancy as most of the ones I bought, because other people can art better than I can, but I still think mine are pretty good. You guys, these are pretty cheap for Internet art products… and they don’t screw you over on the shipping.

Also, I have a few larger designs that you can get on T-shirts and pillows and journals and laptop/phone cases and suchlike. There are a ton of products on this site, actually.

If you buy stuff with my art on it, I get a 20% profit margin. Usually that works out to somewhere between a few dimes (for stickers) and a couple bucks (T-shirts and whatnot).

It’s a cool site to explore. Have fun!


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