Let’s Learn Git

I’ve only started on this fairly recently, so this post will probably start out kind of sparse and get updated and change over time.

Git is a version control system, as you probably know. You may or may not know that it doesn’t just live on GitHub. Git can live on just your computer, privately, and you can make git repositories without ever uploading them to GitHub. Or you can use git on your personal machine and later put the repository on GitHub.

Basically everyone uses git, so it’s definitely something you need to learn.

I started here. https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-git

If you don’t have a Codecademy account, you should make one. Codecademy has tons of awesome tutorials, none of which I’ve ever finished, and if you’re patient you’ll get through them and have a basic understanding of what they’re teaching, or if you’re impatient you’ll get halfway through them and wander off to tinker or program or learn something else, because that’s just how some of us are, okay.

I’ll admit, the reason I’m not the most patient with CC is the same reason I’ve never gotten all the way through a Head First book. It likes to go slow and steady, with plenty of beginner hand-holding, and while it’s a totally solid way to learn, I think it’s more fun to barge straight into the “coding something” part as soon as possible and just read StackOverflow or come back to the lessons if I have problems.

Unfortunately, this is also why I got through like the first section of that tutorial and then trial-and-error/StackOverflow solved for the bumps until I got tinypapers’s repo straightened out. (Did I mention I did that? I did that last month or something.) So I don’t have a big stash of links.

Here’s what I can remember using, though.



I may have more stuff later though, because I forget things and look them up again and bam, purple links. Those will show up here when I get to them.

Have fun!


One thought on “Let’s Learn Git

  1. What a coincidence, I started this git course on Saturday, but because I’m a little distracted, I started reading some other things and don’t finished the course. Now, after reading this post I’ll try to finish it.


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