Look what I found

I don’t have a ton of time just now, so this is a drive-by posting, but read this.



2 thoughts on “Look what I found

  1. That is a list and a half. Reading it makes my head spin. I don’t even know where to start. It looks like it would take one at least 10-20 years to learn all that. And how do you even put that knowledge to creative use?


    • Take advice like this with a grain of salt–this may be a list of what a Ph.D student should learn, because the guy who wrote it is a grad school professor. It’s a list of good stuff and I think it’s a good goal to know maybe half or 2/3 of what’s there, but a given coder is not going to need to know ALL of those.

      I thought it was very interesting and I’m always looking out for book recommendations. I don’t endorse the idea of working yourself to the bone to get all of that under your belt. It is a good list if you aren’t sure what to learn next, though: just pick something that seems interesting.

      For instance, I don’t think most of us are going to need calculus, unless we’re setting out to work on something like engineering simulation software–or that we’ll specifically need to know how to maintain Unix networks if we aren’t setting out to be sysadmins. A lot of that list is specialization, and the tech field has gotten too big for any one person to specialize in everything. It’s good to be well-rounded, but you don’t have to be all-knowing.


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