System update: AAAAAAAAAAA <3


I have Linux back!

I missed you, my darling. Win10 is just tolerable, but you’re beautiful. It took me an hour or two to figure out how to release you from the clutches of secure boot, fast startup, and proprietary drivers–mostly the first one, as you handled the NVIDIA drivers exceptionally well this time around–and it was worth it.

Ugh it feels so good to be back. It’s so much more… comfortable.

Love letters aside, I now have Mint “Sylvia” and Cinnamon running on the lion’s share of my terabyte drive. Win10 is still on the other 400GB or whatever I gave it, mostly because it runs Adobe Suite for my graphic design class (which is also why it has that much of the drive; those files can end up pretty big).

I don’t know if this is a difference between Debian and Mint, but Mint handled the NVIDIA driver installation way more smoothly. I didn’t have to open xorg.conf or anything. One of the CS professors at my university likes to joke that Ubuntu is an African word meaning “can’t configure Debian.” Well, in this case, I suppose he’s right. I spent somewhere between 6-8 hours trying to configure the darn thing, and I’ve been using Linux off and on for years, the off parts mostly being OS X, which still has a Unixy structure you can fiddle around with to some degree.

So, what prompted me to try again? Two things.

One, I want to pick up my Clojure book again at some point soon, and I absolutely refuse to program using the Windows command line. It feels… weird. As if you’re trying to converse with something that should be intelligent, but not only is it eerily robotic and kind of oblivious, there’s a language barrier and only half your words are understood. Feels icky.

Web dev is fine on Windows because you don’t have to touch the OS anyway, everything’s in the browser and text editor. But my workflow for basically any other kind of coding has relied so heavily on the command line for years that I don’t actually know how to use anything else any more. IDEs? What are those?*

And two, I’ve been drooling over the idea of getting it back for a day or two since I answered a reader’s question. I remembered that Debian isn’t the only system I like, and in reminding my fellow (larval?) hacker that Mint is easier on a newbie, I stopped to consider that Mint might be able to handle my drivers better. And it did! Again, I don’t know if this is a Mint thing or a time thing–it could be a time thing, because I do remember trying to use a Debian utility to install the drivers for me, and I’ve given the hardware a few months to age–but the problem I had is magically gone.

I’m not going to question it. Everything is working. Linux is magical. Mint is my Valentine this year.


Speaking of which, I spent Valentine’s Day playing Doki Doki Literature Club. That’s what single nerd girls do on Valentine’s Day, right? Play psychological horror games disguised as anime waifu dating simulators, and set up dual-boot Linux? Well, this one does!

Do heed the content warnings. The game is very graphic, overtly emotionally manipulative, does a pretty good job of portraying mental illness at its most horrifying, and just because it doesn’t bother me definitely does not mean that other people with depression will also be okay with it. People without depression have a solid chance of not being okay with it. This game absolutely will do horrible things to nice people and try its best to make you feel terrible about your part in the events. (I am not easily persuaded on this front. I thought it was pretty funny, actually.)

If you’re not sure about whether you should play, either don’t, or watch someone else play it on YouTube. That way you’re not responsible for any of the decisions, so the game can’t guilt you about them. I did this with OFF after some friends told me it was really messed up, but I didn’t think it was that bad. Doki Doki Literature Club is. Actually, it’s everything I wanted out of OFF, flavored with deconstructed anime tropes and fourth-wall-breaking creepiness. It’s a work of art. Do not get attached.


Well, I’ve got other stuff to do (like… sleeping…) so I’m going to leave this here for now. Just a small update really, and not very helpful, unless perhaps you’re dealing with NVIDIA driver issues yourself…?

Happy hacking!


*Irritating, that’s what. Don’t let me dissuade you if that’s what you’ve been using, though–I’m not the elitist type who’ll say you can’t use them because Command Line Is Always Better!!!!!!!–I just really hate having to learn how IDEs work, or juggling one for every language. Honestly, the reason my default is a really simple code editor (nano, Sublime, gedit, etc) + command line is that I’m too lazy to learn all the integrated systems. I’ve procrastinated even picking up Atom because it does more than, like, text highlighting. I use Sublime sometimes and I know it can do more, but I’ve never really used those features. This goes for the traditional nerd systems as well: I can’t stand vim or emacs. Maybe one day an IDE will melt my jaded nerd heart, or I’ll get a job where I need to use one (in which case its features might actually be useful), but until then… I just don’t need that kind of complication in my life.


One thought on “System update: AAAAAAAAAAA <3

  1. I like that joke about Ubuntu meaning “can’t configure Debian.” I’m glad that Mint is working well for you; I love it myself. I’ve been messing around with Linux for a little over two years now. Almost exactly now that I think about it. I’ve messed around with a bunch of different distros, but Arch and Mint are definitely my favorite. Cinnamon on Mint is just gorgeous, and I really like using i3 on Arch when I can get around to getting everything set up. I mostly use Mint when I’m taking classes and stuff though because it is usually just a bit easier and safer. I’m going to be building my own desktop here soon as well, and I’m looking forward to getting it all set up.


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