Cheap book alert!

Humble Bundle has an O’Reilly ebook bundle on functional programming and you can get 15 books for $15! It’s not just Clojure, there’s JS, Scala, Haskell, Rust, Erlang, and what looks like some general purpose functional books.

Not an affiliate link, this is just an insta-buy for me 😮

It’s always worth supporting Humble Bundle. Every purchase donates to charity. Usually you can choose either which charity, or how much is donated, or I think sometimes both. Depends on the deal but they’re good charities and the default is at least 10% donated. You can sometimes knock it down to 5% if you want to keep the other 5 for yourself as store credit.

Remember they’re ebooks, not print. So you can read them on your phone or computer or Kindle or whatever. Much lighter than normal textbooks. But if you’re hoping to make a bookshelf look impressive it’s not the deal for you.

Anyway, go learn functional programming! It’s survived for like 66 years, it’s not going away.


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