Kivy + inexperience = confusion

I’ve been trying to hack on my app all day, but I’m still at the slow end of the learning curve and although I don’t easily get frustrated with tech, I am getting brain-tired. And after the Internet yielded iffy tutorials, I broke down and looked for a book. I didn’t actually think there’d be one yet–Kivy is only a few years old AFAIK–but there were actually two (maybe three? four if you count the one that was in Japanese). A low number, yeah, but for a young and kind of obscure piece of tech, I was surprised.

One of the books I found was made by O’Reilly–naturally, I went for that one. I’ve had really good experiences with their Head First series–my first tech textbook was a HF book–and, besides, they’re just… classic. If you don’t know, O’Reilly is kind of a gold standard in hacking textbooks; a name brand as recognizable to nearly anyone with programming experience as “Kleenex” is to nearly anyone living in a first-world country.

I decided I was too hungry for instant gratification to wait a week or more for standard shipping rates, too cheap to want to buy the Prime book which was more expensive, and had too little space on my bookshelf for another programming textbook, so I ordered it for my Kindle instead. The Head First books don’t really translate well to ebook form, because of all their pictures and diagrams and double-page spreads. (Tried that with Head First Java. Acquired headache.) I don’t think the ordinary O’Reilly books are quite so visual, though. I guess I’ll find out. Either way, I really need to clear out space on my bookshelves–I have an entire deep desk drawer full of textbooks from classes, and four more of my own just laying around my room. I probably have enough technical literature to crush a small sheep if it was dropped.

This is probably why my older brother got me my Kindle.

I’ve been working for about… eight hours? today, just stopping for food and to shower. I feel like I could keep going, but this is a good stopping point for the night and I’m just gonna leave the hacking here for now and let my brain recover a little.

That’s all for now.