Find me on GitHub!

Hey, look, it’s my 50th post! That’s great, because I’ve got something extra special for you tonight ūüėÄ

Since tinypapers¬†is something that’s already been done¬†by Evernote, I figure we should at least make the best use of the code I wrote that we can, and the best way I know to do that is to let you see it. So… find me on GitHub!

I haven’t decided on licensing and am not going to get to that tonight, but go ahead and poke around.

Click Robotocat here to go right to tinypapers’s repository. I did my versioning outside GitHub as I wasn’t sure if you could use GH for versioning without publishing the code, so my different versions are just in different folders because that’s how I kept them before. I know¬†GitHub usually does it differently but I don’t have time tonight.


I didn’t make that image, by the way. It’s from GitHub’s Octodex, which is adorable and you should look at it.

Have fun!