Post Requests

Hi, everyone! The crowd around here has gotten pretty big since ESR linked me, so I actually have a sample audience to ask questions about what you’d like to see on the blog.

1. What are you learning?

I won’t drop what I’m doing to learn what you’re learning, but if someone on the blog would like to see a post on a particular topic and I happen to be familiar with it, I will write it for you! This site is here for both of us. It’s not *just* a self-indulgent blog–it’s a self-indulgent blog which also includes how-tos! 😛

I really like to help you guys, and I’ve found I’m good at sharing my knowledge clearly. Writing blog posts helps me to do that en masse, so you can link my explanation when your buddy has the same problem.

For instance, if you really don’t understand object-oriented programming, I will do my best to explain it accurately. (This particular subject is one I’m not totally clear on, though, so some more knowledgeable readers may have to help me fill it in.)

Specific code flakiness issues you want help with should be sent to Stack Overflow, though.

2. What would you like to discuss?

If you want to discuss… say, RMS’s political views, or which programming language is the most powerful, that is okay. But if I post something controversial with the intent of discussing it, the discussion of that topic MUST stay in the comments of that post (or off the site).

I won’t shy away from controversial topics IN TECH. But if the topic is actually off-topic, I will ignore your request; I’m not interested in discussing controversial social or political topics which have little or nothing to do with technology on this blog.

In fact, I prefer controversial to the kind everyone here is likely to agree with. (e.g., “Censorship Is Bad”) I am liable to ignore those suggestions.

Of course, I expect you to remain civil, PG-13, and somewhat open-minded during those discussions. If I have a good reason to cut your post from the discussion (for instance, if it degenerates into name-calling or someone triggers Godwin’s Law), I will.

You’re allowed to request any of the topics I’ve given as examples in this post. You will not lose “points” for lack of creativity or whatever jazz.

I reserve the right not to take your suggestions for whatever reason, even if it’s just that I have no time or it sounds boring. Don’t worry, though, I still like you 😀

Those are the semi-official forum rules for now. If I see reason to change them, I will let you know.